Name of Convener: Ms. Priya Aggrwal Mail Id: gcwmadlauda@gmail.com

1. Safety and Security

The first priority of the college is Safety and security of all the students, teachers, non-teaching staff. To ensure a safe campus and a secured environment the college has embarked upon the following initiatives:

·      Women cell Committee to address on gender equality within the campus. The cell has been very active in working towards women empowerment and gender equality.

·      It also aims at providing personal guidance, legal awareness on specific issues concerning women.

·      The Women Cell of the College where young women are prepared to face all the challenges of life.

·The women's cell follows a strategy that involves women's personality development. Sexual Harassment Committee to address issues on sexual Harassment within the campus.

·      Separate common room for Girls.

·      Common room facilitate with , Sanitary napkins machine and 

·      Maintenance of a FIRST-AID Box by the office.

·      Separate washrooms for the male and female teaching and non-teaching Staff.

·      Distinct code of conduct for the students teaching and non-teaching staff.

·      Pure RO Water is Available for Students and Staff.


·         The women cell always aware make an effort to create awareness regarding their career psychological and physical conditions.

·         A workshop is organized for personality development of the students by various experts in every year.

·         Academic counseling of students by admission.

·         The principal and conveners of committee address newly admitted students through orientation and induction program and meeting with the students regarding academic informations and discipline of the college.

3. Common Rooms

The College has a girl’s common room. It has an electric sanitary napkin vending machine installed. There are separate toilets for girls. Specific cleaning schedule is given to the house keeping people and followed meticulously. The girl’s common room is managed by the women cell committee constituted by the college council and appointed a lady peon. 

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