Focus Point
1. Women Education- We cannot hope for the developed nation without proper education of the women of the country .Its is very truly said that education a man educate whole family and thus whole nation a day. 2. Women Empowerment- Women empowerment aims enabling them to realize their identity , potentiality of power in all spheres of their lives i.e. economic , political, social/ cultural, personal and familial . 3. Women Health - Women makes 80% of the healthcare decisions for their families , which means that investing in women's health is the key to building healthier families and communities. 4. Overall Personality Development - Personality generally implies to all what is unique about an individual , the characteristics that makes one stand out in a crowd .For all-round development of the students, there is a need of emotional , physical , spiritual and moral development that is complemented and supplemented by co-curricular activities.